Mini Travel Diffuser incl. 12v plug for your Car (fits in a cupholder!)


This travel diffuser is the perfect size to take anywhere. Designed as a 12v car essential oil ultrasonic diffuser, it is Powered by USB and comes with a 12v Car Adapter! Simply plug the travel diffuser in any usb outlet or 12v power source and enjoy.

It is approximately the size of your typical coffee thermos which means you can put it in your car’s cup holder and enjoy essential oils in your car as you travel! Give your car your favourite scent or add in some lavender to help keep the kids calm on those long drives. (It’s also perfect for small rooms or offices – just plug it in your usb outlet on the computer or phone charger!).

Watch video and see the 12v Travel Diffuser in action!

Up to 6 hours running time. 3 hours continuous or 6 hours intermittent mist mode. Auto switches off included. Size 7cm wide x 14cm tall.

In stock (can be backordered)

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