Essential Oil Carry Cases

Take your essential oils with you with our small hard shell carry cases or the mini 2ml vial keychain case.

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Showing all 8 results

Essential Oil Bottle Carry Cases

As you grow your essential oil collection, you may want to have an easy and convenient way to carry them with your while you’re on the go. Our mini carry cases have enough room for you to take ten of your favorite essential oil bottles and rollers with you while you travel or go about your daily routine.

Whether you want classic black or stylish purple, we have you covered with our small zippered carrying cases. These cases hold ten 10mL roller bottles, and you can rest assured that your favorites will be with you no matter where you go. The sleek design easily fits into a small carry on bag or in your purse or satchel.

We’ve included secure fasteners inside the case that you can simply slip your essential oil bottles into for a fast hold. We placed a divider between the top and the bottom portion of our carry cases so you won’t have to worry about your bottles hitting each other as you travel with them.

For the woman who is always on the go and wants to keep her DoTerra or Young Living essential oil collection close, our carrying case is the answer. It’s easy to pack and zip for a secure way to transport all of your essential oils, no matter how far you’re traveling. For added durability, our exclusive carrying case features a hard shell design to protect your essential oil collection better as well.